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Everyone Has Been Hurt Before

I have come to a conclusion from the result of having my heart taken toyed with and tore. That to a pain unsettled and undying in me that I couldn’t sit away to collect dust and ignore that thru the mist of pain joys of wonders to the tops of The Himalayas to the miles of The Great Wall Of China, or from the crushing waves of the sea, everybody yes every body whether it be you, her next to you, or even me, and we weren’t sure and the pain came to be much more, has been hurt at least a time or two unfortunately before.

Like a shell upon a beach with waves and tides that build and roar, for once or twice it has been washed or thrust against the un grasping insensitive shore.
So once or twice ill be destined to be hurt a time or two more, there upon the shore exclaiming, crying out, and gasping, “I can take not a bit of pain more”.

If not by the words of another and distant ourselves we try to shelter our heart breaking and leaving the most valued of life’s delicate parts under cover that a pain like this could not come for me to open up to love another

If it were by a mother and the child came to find out she abandoned them at birth, or by the small girl who went thru life abused physical or mentally never knowing her true worth. For is it a curse that has traveled thru time to replace the happiness that my heart had claimed once before to be mine.

So what do we do with this hurt that has become like dots that we connect with lines? Do we bottle it up and force our selves to believe that every thing within time will be totally fine.

Or do we take it back to the place where it has been washed upon the roaring shore, so that it is passed unto another who’s soul is pure and they too can say I have been hurt at least a time or two before.

– Eddie Rod.

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