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Trigger warning

Our uniform we
Live in the so called
Space age
Open eyes, met with that same rage
Delicious delirium
Mind, only thing kept from nearing them
Still walking lockstep
Icy eyes and a hot head
I’d put my claws to your neck and tear at your flesh
It’d only arouse more of them
Escape to a head rush
Veins on my head throbbing
Speaking words is like bleeding in front of these zombies
Gremlin men with shark skin
Whorible whores with brains rotten
We march to the kiss of the only God
I’m sick of pretending to be you
gift it to me please
How can nothingness hold shape
The answer means little to this cruel alopeciec ape
We cry over cold fries and cleanliness
We close eyes to mentaly Ill kids and rape
Dust in the wind
Some drunk from a fifth
If I found my wallet I’d be as drunk as a fish
Violent urges, while people speak to me
My face is cold plaster
It’s seldom that they see
I’ve never him off the leash
Once I shoved someone
Just against a wall
I wanted to rend their organs
And then chew on them all
I guess I feel entitled
For holding this thing at bay
If they ever begin to see
It will be too late
It’s weakness to admit
Some lie and say otherwise
My stomach is a knot
The world is built on lies
An infinite vacuum
We float around inside breathing air
Gravity, simpleton, is why it is still there
So gravity is infinite?
I just don’t really get this shit
Nobody asks questions anymore
We’re too fat, turn crops under
But they’re starving over there
The dinosaurs turned into oil
From a fiery meteor?
Joseph Smith married women,
So they could own property right?
Then why did he marry children, and other people’s wives?
What about his involvement with freemasonry, that rabbit hole never stops
Not even with the people, who own those walmart shops.
The Egyptians made giant pyramids with slaves
We can’t do it with space flight
We speak on the TV off psychotic MGTOWs
In the same breath the death of date night
I’m crazy right? Thats why are all of you so simple,
Genetic variation can’t make someone else who thinks, but can give you a 3rd nipple?
One nation under media, who the hell can be bothered to read
I’m sick of all this posturing
I want to watch you bleed
You can’t fake that
Well, not so easily
you fake your whole lives.
Atleast it seems to me
I want to take a steak knife
And throw you to the sea
If the devil is real
It is inside me
I wonder if this is on some backup server somewhere
Who the hell has the time to read it
Even if they did
Who’d ever believe I was a demon
Does it make me evil, sick, or strong?
Does it mean I’m just another one of you,
With another opinion that is wrong?
Our beliefs seem important but there is a single truth
At some point your world
Simply goes Kapoof

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