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either don’t write or show off rough drafts
get in my head thinking there’s no one as tough as
Wondering where I can get a little touch at
But If I’m talking to you, I’m thinking fuck that
Better duck and cover, find a fox hole
Inside my heart I’m just awful
want what feels good
Not much else
want to love anything besides myself
Hate him
Bipolar can’t handle the rain up and in
Like how can I feel two things at once, act irrational
Staying up
Wasting time, should be sleeping
Inside mind is demons
Hate hate hate, God I love to hate
Hate is so so… complete.
Why would i compete?
There’s just
Not really that much to me
I hate, I love,
And sometimes I am goofy
So why do I never walk away from that thing
That wakes up every time I stop a dream
Why am I here
What is this place
Is this life is sands in an hourglass?
Am I the flesh behind my face?
Is consciousness a wave, permeating all of space?
Is God everything?
Did he die to make it so?
I have all these questions,
How can I ever know?
The law is paid off
People are punished for no crime
If you ever try putting me in a cage
I’ll lose my fucking mind
I’ll eat your throat
If you want to lock me away
Do what you will do
Forgiveness, I will pray
I will not have such a horrid fate
To go to a prison
And be handed musty plates
I’ll die young and live fast
You fucking stupid cunts all love to kiss ass
I’d like to burn you all
With the flame behind my eyes
You’re all the fucking same
We’re all living a lie
I don’t want this life
Sure I can eat steak
But when will there be a time, to take a fucking break
It’s posture and bloviation
Is it really so shocking
A child would worship Satan
I mean for God’s sake
Your life sure seems real great
But God this shit can be a drag
Satan wants me to touch myself
And smoke out of the bag
Satan seems like the best friend,
A guy could ever have
See you’ve got it backwards
With the sinning and all that
Harm none and do as you will
I like the sound of that
Harm me?
Oh darling…
I’d love to feed that wolf
I want to rip and tear
Then watch the wind kiss you cold
I am a broken man
I don’t ever want to get old
I don’t hurt people
As much as I dream of it
It’s just a way to let go
Of all this heavy shit
Wake up
The same thing
Locked in this place forever
You can’t go to space
Only pay taxes and chase worthless endeavor
I hate you
Because you make me want to stay
Impulsive pleasure
I can’t help but pull the lever
You are the God of this place
And I can’t fade away
I don’t remember how to imagine
I can’t let myself feel
Or else I only sadden
There’s not much left to life
Besides to get rich or be a dad
That’s just so fucking boring
Compared to what I had
What could I should say to him
He was stronger than me
And oh so much more grim
His name was Eli
He read the book of Nephi
One day he woke up dead
Writing is the zombie
That lives inside his head
He loved her, for a time
He truly felt that glow
Why are you so stupid
To think it would never go
Your parents will rot in the ground
As everything you loved
Whatever happens in life
It can never be enough
I want more
I want to feel it
I want to feel the highs
I want to steal and break and sneak
And I want to tell you lies
I loved mania
I love coming unfurled
I loved to lose myself
In that sick and mental world
I dreamed of a place
Where I was in control
I dreamed of a place
Where I was made whole
I’m not enough
My heart is krapmus’s lump of coal
Inadequate for the task
just holding the line
Until the best man can kick ass
See there’s no one coming
To save me from myself
There’s no way I’ll ever
Come asking for your help
I don’t care what happens I’m rap rapping
Getting high just feels so
Can’t quite turn this thing off
Guess I’ll play the game

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