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If you see inside my head you might think I’m from another planet
do everything I do without ever trying to plan it
you tell me what to do then fuck you can it
aim for a target you can’t see and can’t hit
callous and cruel
in the palace by the pool
Knew he’d be selling drugs before we left elementary school
It’s the crocodile k.rool
You don’t fuck with me k cool
Know I’m plenty able
half of Cain and Abel
Still ain’t left the cradle
Do tell something broken
When hitting no quiting
Slapping and spitting
Fucking hate this hole
Maybe the new slim Jesus
think it’s all lies as you read this but
5th grade went insane
just makes sense
Why be another same-men
Don’t really feel the urge to make friends
Want to be worshipped
awareness can be hurting
Cut out the heart
cardiac surgeon
Find forbidden wave
Need to be so much worse
The left hand path reap then sew
need what I need
I really need a show
lately all these episodes been so painful slow
better behaving
petrified craven
Doing whatever they say so
Keep the kitchen cleaner
wanna drink a 2 liter
And pour up four more
Still in love with the same whore
Living another day
is that really all we came for
That power felt when that bitch let hit on the dang floor
On society just a cancer
But be there first if it’s time to swang swords
rhyming slant words
in love with the way heart hurts
head expanding
when a star bursts
androgen supernova
Wanna spit on Lana Sharapova
don’t really know who that is but wish she’d come over
And ask me what kinda things could I show her
get all juvenile and try to see who she really is inside
But all I’m really good for is digging my dick in the bitch thighs
not particularly eloquent
Poetry is dead
Feelings are irrelevant
guess Ill share for the hell of it
If it makes you feel some type of color
That’s worth more than a dollar
Crunchy as a pickle
Chopping wheat with the sickle
Colors kinda fickle
Sometimes get the vision wiggle
Hero or villain
Hellion in the middle
Like it or don’t
It’s just another scribble

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