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In That Old Apartment

We slept in an apartment left in the bohemian nineteen-fifties

While we had Davis or Parker blasting on the hi-fi

And the remembrance of cigarettes was floating to the g-ds

But with our cell phones’ vibrators shaking us out of the sinking bed

We were too tired even to change to some more modern music

However, as, we stared at the wall guilty of something  we had no clue of doing

You turned to me and said nothing with an expression I have never seen on yr face before

I yawned as I put my arm aaround you blinking in code “I love you”

We spent the rest of the morning watching the rain leak from the wall

Luckily, we never put anything of importance there

And as the sun shone from the dirty window, we got dressed in haste

For the appointment we needed to attend was at three-thirty that afternoon

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  1. A good poem is always worth a picture in the mind or two. Loved the unhurried and the ungarlanded panoramic imaging of a moment or in this case a stilling of a segment of time coalescing it into an extended moment. Thanks for sharing.

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