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Here to meet you!


I have an announcement

And youre not gonna like it

I am a sensitive complex person

I get easily overwhelmed and have issues with communication and obligation

I wish i could just ask questions like anyone else

Why is it that all other fragile creatures are treated with tenderness

They are not

The world is undesiring and uncaring of me or my struggles

It continues turning regardless of my strife
And thats the bitch of life

Its never fucked if i do and fucked if i dont

The world always gives no fucks

Live or die laugh or cry

Im better off doing it alone

When it all comes crashing down it will not have an effect

I will go unoticed and unobliged by the cruelty of the world

And ill have spent so much time trying to greet it kindly with an embrace

That my skin will be cold as the soil i lay upon
The world has no warmth for us
it does only for itself

And even there its not by choice or admiration

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