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Music is food of the soul, they said.

It is, indeed, the medicine of hearts that shattered.



Her musicprints are still seen,

her cassettes are still played,

and her melodies are still echoed.

My brain is a Walkman playing one of her

favorite songs.

When the night was full of terrors,

I sat on a bench in Promenade des Anglais

with a bottle of beer, listening to

Moo Young’s Demise.


How beautiful is the ocean!

and how miserable my emotions!

exclamations were my consolation,

but she had stolen them from me.



Deerstalker on my head,

magnifier on my hand,

the smoke of the pipe displays my thoughts,

and the brain is putting the world on mute.


case closed.

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  1. Music our most loyal companion and also a piercing note when associated with loss and defeat in contrast to a jubilant note when all is in place in the world for us. Keeper also of memories and the stirrer of the soul as well as calmer of the spirit and companion of heart.

  2. Music can be a great joy to many people, including me. But when love goes bad and you split up with someone, music that you loved and shared together can suddenly become jaundiced. A poignant write!

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