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9 Unsophisticated Easy Poems

1     No TITLE

Its beauty in whiteness

a scripture from cold

leaves its heartbeat of oneness

within the season of snows.


Its purity of being

from the splendor of nature

lies with the marriage of droplets

into their purity of time.


2     A captured Dream

She dreams of Paris and the Champs-Elysees,

strolling among wishes that sometimes come true.


I stroke her hair, and sweetly smile,

while knowing the truth of our parting way.


For love and lovers must part their way,

when stronger is the will of a dream.

For what good is a dream if never pursed?

And what’s the purpose of love-if it cages the dream?


3     Western Sky

Their eyes did sorrow into each

fading embers in their love

sipping twilight in their dusk

just before its finale light.


Lovers weep in the eastern dawn

empty hearts in languish sighs

their truth of love a bursting flash

that disappeared into a western sky.


4     The Butterfly

A gentle moment-

its waiting,


like a lover,


for the quiet whisper of her heart.


5     No Title

On the faith of Euphrosyne

our souls to spirit glide

where the love of infancy

attends the promised vow.


Flowing into breathing

no murmuring more of hearts

a soliloquy to an epitaph

Euphonies verse to joy.


6     No Title

Soft in a breeze

nourished by warmth

their beauty as one

among the buttercups bloom.


A moment of pleasure

poetry in grace

butterflies love

with creation’s touch.


7      No Title

Silent scripts

from long ago

wrapped in memories

wrapped in a shawl.


Kind were the years

no burden of fuss

as problems were cradled

in love and respect.


No bitterness to bear

In the alone-ness now hers

there’s only her missing

when he’s with the night air.


8       No Ashes Bore

On an old time dream seeps the then

cared in memories of a lover’s kiss

no trouble set to lessen joy

touched by a pureness born of flesh.


Their love was formed before the breath

gathered from the first of time

a truth of meaning in the living hand

the heart of each in the breasted soul.


Sweet their lives no ashes bore

an epitaph into a shadowed dusk

as only there was a tender caress

born from a  star into their fellowship of love.


9     Beauty and Grace

Did beauty come first, from the caress of a light,

or first was there grace, giving birth to all beauty?

Or did beauty and grace fondle  each other,

lifting the veil from the richness of each?


An infinite unfolding waking the flesh

from the gentle repose of creation’s gift.

A purity of vision in the nurturing of life

where beauty  and grace evenly flows.













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