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Oddessy of an oddity

Unsure I can trust anyone, anything even myself
my impulsivity is there, always, I can hold precious little in
I am different in ways from the boy who dove in headfirst
much the same
speak rhymes in bleak times
write them at every chance
think one thing feel another, always
still a drug addict
go go go
pink bunny rabbit
little patience for the mentally ill, especially among ourselves
one orc brings war to countless elves
Running along humming some song the universe sings to me
you never see-say
gaslight me
you sheep
I keep the wool on
praise Helios
praise some other who failed the most
Kobe’s death was fake or ritualistic
I’m a misfit son of a Simpson
and I’m trying to stop let Hatred in
red hat
you read that
go backward in time
Hey I found my mind
be the one who stops that twisted fun
that sounds just fine
they want me to join
flip a coin
was it already calculated
too much adds up
someone’s done the math bruh
we couldn’t comprehend the half of
I love them for it
they find love abhorrent
I numb but from when I summon torrents
oddessy of an oddity
imagine if I gave you the rawest me
at 0lympus
on eclipses
Id read your thoughts you write them
in so many ways
I see through the maize
corn maze
lmfao only a nose laugh, over text so much room for romance
Percy Jackson
if he could rap um
I’m excited for those Rick Riordan, final four, um
ill probably do drugs instead
still steel and lead inside my head
can never tell them all of it
even when I do
they never follow it
I always falling
every time I get the devil in a headlock
I reach a new level like
under bedrock
the ender dragon
hold that thought
at the store
did he know I knew he thought whose number does whom got
He’s plugged in
I make assumptions
but for me it was nothing
just a little game dance
but am I the flame he wants to rain dance
I love the god machine
that evil rotten thing he’s joker i’m batman
but we take turns wearing each others hats and
its all a big run on sentence
I should’ve let Chris win
when we were pretending so long ago
I’m really soft
its not for show
but I can still get hot enough to glow
yo soy loco gringo
its okay
what a g, bro
Neo and Magneto
I’m feeling bliss and eso
is this elder scrolls online,
I’ve the eldest troll, inside my mind
its all jokes
even if they end up popping smoke
I don’t mind gotta go somehow someway
night or day
writing flames or fighting lames
i respect too much to fight
my father is amazing
I love him more than all the trees i’ve blazed
it felt like they loved me more but they just know how to make you think
I ruined his day, a little bit
Im an angry little shit
i tell you hwhat bobby,
papi, loved selling drugs
but you cant sell anything for free,
even the lord has a selling fee,
feeling I seldom be
fuck you saying its a run on sentence
if my mouth was as fast as my mind
that’d be one breath, bitch
I kept it simple for a bit
sorry I hurt you
I’m an angry little shit
I nearly hit my mommy
that said she really did touch up on me
and lied
then threw a shoe
what the fuck am I to do
what the fuck am I to you
to me you’re a far away friend
probably best if you stay away, can seldom make it through a day
without hitting something till I bleed
I’m some kind of hellish steed
with all kinds of hellish needs
if you can, maybe make a deal with me
say hi Desmond
I want to eat you and beat you and make you hurt like me hit the other guy
you’ll be meeting me
now Uriel
apologies for my companion, he doesn’t quite understand
its a mirror game do mind how you communicate
if you wont give me love you’ve already sent him hate
my my, hope that was fun,
the initiator, he doesn’t like to speak
it is Desmond who told him eat that gun
when things were oh so bleak
Uriel is my name, I’m this ones unwavering angel
he prefers me I believe
to that Desmond
he doesn’t like you to see
he does occasionally succumb
very well restrained
he will however
keep Desmond trained
no esta me hermano
tu esta mi enemiga
please just be my brother
theres no stigma here
please, please do not make initiator fear
please please
its better if I steer
you fucking fucks you robotic zombie husks
come over here, let me taste you with my tusks
I was born normal
everywhere here is cold
initiator-he, does learn fast
initiator wanted to be nice
you were fucking told
initiator he’s wasting paper dear
thank you, thank you for letting me write here
they are always fighting, I usually let Uriel write and Desmond fight
both can do both
I’m awake when they’re asleep
Desmond eats my dreams
Uriel is a perfect bell
who holds me at the seams
i really only speak in rhymes and only at perfect times
my energy goes to keeping them here
when i’m not
drowning them in smoke
choking them with beer
the doctors they nearly took our hands
they took our parents grands
what was helped
their wallets
vulture culture
perilous imperatives
they they they theyy mommy y am I like this
ah yes the child learns to write
the child will learn to fight]
y r u 2 always fighting and loving
dissociate mommy, daddy take drugs, argue about me, use me as your reason
then don’t ever notice the cut marks, surgically bleeding
Desmond feels
Uriel thinks
Hellion heals’
Aptikos blinks
and breathes
he’s really our autopilot savior
kill me fuckface you owe me the favor
they’re loud and quiet
i pouts and riots
sadomasochist we keep turnt in, Machiavelli, we slowly let out, but mostly keep in.
Hes actually hilarious, just cannot stop.
attrition is his best friend
attrition attrition he will see the end
KINDA CRINGE BRO Desmond not so big and hard take it slowly
this poem is our ticket back to that place
if you want us to go back
even Uriel says smash your face
initiator will refrain and try to talk it out
initiator, initiator, he likes pineapple
initiator initiator the using mind rapper
I mean all of it
if you read this
now you see me
call it holo-spit
that’s the surface would you like us to keep calling it
I’m bald and sick
when I doesn’t pay attention we all go mix
loud as fuck to get a word in edge wise
I’m lever clever and edge wise
I’m evil Kaneevil and head fried
even my impulses have impulses
I wanna spit slap every thick ass
I see at the gym
they’ve told me its wrong
but why do I fight it so long
then think of it for days
I’m post Malone
home alone
drinking sun rays
good god those were the days so are these
when you see what I saw
you’ll fucking freeze
then maybe say no, no, why god, I’m you
when they would pick on me
that was y tu
ill no longer be you’re punching bag
its coming they’re coming I’ll let them in
if I am the beast
the light will win
I’m a loser, write
if I’m a truther, nobody fights
dark chocolate raps
maybe a poet could understand
nope they just try
if they understand they disappear
or try to cage me
that’s why the page filled with rage be
im a bisexual, in a cult, that is part of a cult which is part of an even bigger cult
and they probably never stop
so I stay small
take a break in some rainfall
take my shoes off
act a little too off
fuk they opinion
no play game
am winning
love stray kitten
my best friend has snake eyes
and nobody to play with
my friend he probably understands now
how abhorrent
it follows those I love
from bees to trees to a passing dove
lovers, friends, enemies and poets
in a boat all these waves, why row it
lost at seams life of pi 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169
I love god
he tells me shove off
so I do
the fuck am I to you

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