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I Heard It On The News

They say a storm is coming
It’s going to hit us soon
Coming from the north they say
By Friday afternoon
Those big bad weather blues
I heard it on the news

They say the price of petrol
Is going through the roof
That’s something I already know
I don’t need further proof
Those automotive blues
I heard it on the news

They say the crops have failed again
And farming’s in decline
Food is being rationed now
We’ll have to stand in line
Those kitchen table blues
I heard it on the news

They say that war is coming
It’s coming from the east
I’m not sure I believe them
I’m hoping not at least
Those confrontational blues
I heard it on the news


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  1. The fifth estate, the town crier, the village gossip, the tabloids, the twittering twit, the syndicate, what is there to go by without the News. What to do? Thanks for sharing Robert.

  2. Yes, we seem to have been fed nothing but doom and gloom by the media, for most of this year. Some of it is clearly true, but they seem to put a negative spin on most things these days! A tongue-in-cheek poem (to some extent), but things can only get better… can’t they? Thank you for reading and commenting! Much appreciated!

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