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Nothing Else Matters


🐚 please read along with the music
Sands drift across an ocean of never ending breaths

 in rhythmic waves of 𝘌-𝘮𝘰𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯

that when not transmuted the energy becomes blocked

keeping one stuck in the same recurring loop.

Forgive, heal your heart or you’ll remain fragmented in that time line.


Life is as we choose to live it,  be conscious of thoughts and actions.


“‘Never cared for what they say forever trust in who you are

for nothing else matters.'”


We’re here to learn, evolve,  or remain stuck,

we can’t blame others for… 

we must do  our own work and choose the right path

if purposely we’ve caused harm  eventually  we’ll  pay the karma.


What we think of as bad is an unforeseen circumstance

of how we think life should go

so that we’ll  align with the way things were always meant to be.

When a lesson has been learned simply fold

and  advance to  a different-risk table.


Life shuffles the deck to show us that things will not always go our way,

to broaden our view and teach us to grow.

Learn to read your opponents to call them on their bluff.

 Careful! some play dirty under the deck.


No matter how challenging, play fair

to be able to flow 

or you’ll remain stuck repeating the lesson.


Maturely accept change,  no matter how  difficult.


New lesson, new players, new game, new cards in hand
for nothing else matters…

        〰                                                                                                                                                                                                〰    🐚



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