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What it means to be human (from my POV)

It means to make mistakes

and to learn from them

To adapt in the worst of situations

To feel emotions:

happiness, anger, desire, fear, sadness, and more

To be able to take life and create it

The ability to completely crumble

and build yourself up again

To have the ability of individuality and want nothing more than to be the same as everyone else

To be able to care for others

To have gut feelings and instincts

To bleed, to break bones, and puncture organs

To stand up no matter how hopeless it is

To create and build

and also destroy and tear down

To breathe, to love, to hate, and die

To try to touch the stars

To pretend to be gods

even though we are mortal

It can be everything or only some things

To be human is not one thing, one path

Its being free but not knowing what to do with it

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