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North American Blues

Sometimes, I forget I’m not in Canada anymore

Like when I ordered a double-double

And get a stare from the multiple-pierced girl

Behind the counter wondering what I just said

Or when I say to my friends “Let’s get a Timmies”

Instead of a cup of coffee

And when I ordered some doughnuts, I call them Timmies

Boy, I am too Canadian

I wasn’t born there but here

Maybe if I had a fake American accent

And stop thinking of Tim Horton’s

I probably fit in and have more friends

However, I never fit in

Either I am too Canadian to be American

Or am too American to be Canadian

A problem I had have since I was a kid

Anyway, both countries are in me

So, if you want to be with me

Join me for a Timmies

And help me by trying to understand me

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