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Celtic Love

Celtic Love:
there was time I  was alone, no future to behold, no light at thy end of the tunnel, until I met a soul like yours, one that is as vibrant as my own, who sees me for who I am.

you turly are my other half, i dont see a path without you. Your the light i been hoping too, meet in my lifetime.

your voice soothes my aching heart, your words carry me to a heavenly paradise.
your mind links to mine, no need to speak beacuse we are one.
in mind, soul and body, forever and always.
we dont need a scale to measure our love, because we are equals a whole heart coming together.

I once was alone, but now i have you, and will never let you go.
I want to grow and learn. to be free, to take a leap and spread our wings and fly to wherever the current takes us.

now I see a future to behold, as long as your beside me. we will never fall.

By : Erica Mitchell

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