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Fear Itself

Fire is a strong force of nature sometimes set ablaze by careless humans or by lighting. The forest is engulfed and firefighters and friendly nations come together to rid us of the suffocating smoke as the fires rage on.
The smoke is creating a sky of dark, ominous, and dreadful feelings. The sun grows red and dim, like a blood moon rising from the depths of the oceans ends. People run scared, hoping they are safe in their rural area. Panicked yet calm, scared yet excited, worried yet stressed.
The strong flames engulfing the very nature it touches, the flames never cease to end. The people grow uneasy, dreadful, curious, and desperate. A mix of feelings, with no control as to the outcome.
The night sky seems like the day. The city lights reflect an ominous glow upon the smoke that covers the sky for miles, the day sky seems like the night making the world seem like it is the end. That we will die from the smoke suffocation alone.
Our heroes the firefighters, volunteers and army wage war against the big red monster and after waiting a few days they defeat and beat the monster and slowly the sky turns a gray to a light blue then finally the sky is back to normal. The people of the city sigh with relief and take in great big gulps of fresh air and realized there was nothing to fear only fear itself.

By: Erica Mitchell

Published inNature

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