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But look!

Displacement of spectral lines

Awww! How about that!

Apart from the difficulties discussed, this

Is the maximum so you proceed to The Centre.

Whoa! It’s been rubbish hasn’t it?

Characterised by the fact that a spherical surface – now what?

Hiya kid! Yeah, really… so-so… waiting very anxiously

Certain considerations suggest this is not over yet

We need a bit of a drum-roll – don’t go anywhere!


The continuum is everything – so let’s ride!

Hello everyone what a nail-biter that was!

We’re having a frank conversation – interested?

Wacky moments hells bells and whistles (serious stuff)

Fast-forward to now and the journey of a lifetime.


So let’s get to it and keep it fun!

First I looked into those pale blue pools:

Beyond the winged eyeliner I saw

High altitude vapour trails and

Scattered fair-weather clouds.

Now take us off-grid – and to the very edge.

Oh! Wow! This is gorgeous!

I mean it’s been amazing!

Totally bonkers! A five-star experience!

Well, that’s about it from me.

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