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Hi good afternoon everyone

What’s the situation today?

Fresh talent – fun free and friendly

You gonna go for it?

Heck yeah! Yeah absolutely!

What are you hearing there?

More hoity-toity arty-farty nonsense

OK!  3, 2, 1… Let’s go!


You saw me I saw you early bird angel face

Sweeping chalk plateau dream rotation

A powerful geyser – Oh how ridiculous!

An oscillating sprinkler –

Shoots high into the night sky:

But appearances are deceptive

Turning out a lot more… you know…

Bit like a no-go break-glass-to-open thing


Remind us how we got here, darling

Live show one-to-one co-ordinating lace trim

Head to the fairground change the narrative:

Narrow winding alleys colourful piazzas

Virtual museum piece radio-controlled

Real gone electronics whizz hat-check girl

Reveals all the stories hidden within us

As she moves slowly away seawards


Here we go again! Facing tough decisions

Sandy beaches coco-de-mer palms

Wool rags subwoofers and strobes

C’mon! It’s a moment of celebration

Of solutions without boundaries

Of dance-floor sunsets to banish memories

Of stylish bedrooms and oh yes sooo much more

C’mon! Never be shy to say ‘hi’ so yeah! c’mon!


Know what? Listen up everybody!

Seismic shuffle deranged and estranged

Something of a pincer movement or even

A dynamic take on what really matters:

Do something amazing today and

Tonight will be a defining moment

But I tell ya don’t mess with me! Ha!

Well that’s it for now bye!

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