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Hello good afternoon

A warm welcome back to this region of unbelievers

We went to take a look but we all have our demons

Applicable only to lighter elements under glass hoods

It all gets very messy quite quickly and you might think

Something pretty odd is going on – compulsive repetition

Of snatches of rhyme but also there’s an interesting subplot

Flesh and spirit singing for the purposes of enchantment

To ensure in certain circumstances you flip your vibe

Get it while it’s hot high voltage next day see for yourself.


Cirrus and cirro-stratus clouds haloes round sun and moon

You better be on your way this could be a goofy movie

Egos in suits tuned as drones scenery somewhat similar

To the Surrey hills with visible traces of ancient roadworks

Whence are discharged a shower of invectives denunciations

And satires with a somewhat ungainly appearance

A blast of fresh air swearing like a sailor no half measures

Yet the bar of the storm or spin of the nucleus won’t sass me

A remarkable true tale where the course of external events

Brought about a decisive change direct return of icicles

And the use of accidental poetry: an emotional night for all.

Worried about the danger of image-worship?


You would see history being made with a little bit of push

And slide good day for chasing rainbows of diversified texture

Fine-grained arrangements of intrusive dykes vertical fissures

Of luminous appearance – with scenes of a distressing nature

This jaw-dropping offering has people spooked strong stuff

It gets to move through the gears really how did that fly?

There’s a big ceremonial crescendo of screamin’ habdabs

But sceptics have suggested it was all a mere hallucination

Rapidly deepened to somehow form a wild uncanny valley effect.

Oh my! Sparkling mad! Have a good day yeah?

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