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Well Hellooo there! What’s the latest?

Why not spook the intelligentsia?

Indeed why not it’s a good question

Is poetry an accident waiting to happen?

Whoah! Well, the search is already on –

What do you make of it?

Hysterical! Snap it up! Let’s do it!

Don’t get your panties in a bunch

Just think of normal everyday things like

A red aurora vortex or notes between the keys

Sure – try to blend in – smooth with no bits

Be like everyone else– hang on in there!


Hey dudes! What’s the scene where you are?

Uh oh! Lazy boring and irrelevant expect delays

That’s the most exciting thing you’ve said all day

Hazy skies round the corner it’s a toss-up

Power on! A step too far but it’s fighting talk I like it!

Waaaay out! It’s the very latest! Oh Dios Mio!


Game for a fling? – Crazy offer – Ha! Ha! Ha!

What else do we know? What happened next?

Cunningly disguised as one of the lads

Our poete maudit slipped into an Espresso Bar:

Are you lost in a shopping mall? Yes! Yes! Yes!

A palace of screaming glass scorching hot looks

Hands-free boobtastic bikini-busting cutie-pies

Open-mouthed onlookers terrified bystanders

Photo-special secret fantasies – all makes all models

Electric multi-surface razor sharp edges manic grins

Deranged laughter fish and chips burgers hot wraps

A twisted circus – open ‘til late. It’s just wicked!


And never a dull moment: now here’s a thing

Melt with joy behind every curtain

Gilded trees jaw-dropping angels of mystery

Strange signals – distant Suptopian neo-nihilist blues

Diverted traffic – a long tailback to Nowhere Junction

Well that’s it for now have a very good afternoon.

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