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Mother, the First and Best teacher in my life

you always there to love me, even if it hurts you that
I am ugly as a goose and yet! the first one to appreciate
me the beauty that it looks in me

every now and then, your advice keeps my heart mingles
in my way to survive, always there to lend me your
whisper of what i will be

such a stream of streams flows out from the direction
of reality, twinkling like stars in the night that guide me
where to go, there you stay when i needed you most

walk with me mother, as I pass on this aisle again, the
night does not close my dear mother, where only our eyes
that falls

raise me high as you always do and strengthen my spirit
where my heart stand to survive, a memories that lingers
apart of my existence, you are my soul

mother oh! mother, you are the only you in my life the
perfect harmony of my heart and the beginning of my
love to my family…Mother

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