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My mind was born naked of prejudice

But clothe in conspiracies

As I grew, my mind was draped with the latest fashion

Thinking being hateful was patriotic

I threw burning crosses and joined a lynch mob

Then, joined the army, to be a soldier of one

I grew to dislike how the army was full of them

However,  learned how to be a sniper

I was ready for the New World Order

So, I wandered the good ol U. S. of A; hated what I saw

Decided to kill’em all and my war begun

Became a Nazi in my Army

Got many tattoos as my stripes

I was five-star general as I took AK-47 into a mall

And shot people who I thought was the enemy

Then, was sought by the police and hid in an old abandoned house

But the police found me and had a shootout and died

They found all these pamphets about my hero, Hilter

Now, people that knew my family said I didn’t have a chance

Saying his Pa, was feeding him this stuff by the spoonful all his life

But if only my Ma took me away from him

I would have a good, kind life

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