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The Spellcheck Troll


Don’t spell it like that, your grammar is wrong,
Here’s a screenshot of words just to prove it,
Don’t mean to belittle, I’m civil as long,
As I can comment on everyone’s transcripts,


I’ll try to make fun, show how clever I am,
Hold my ground if responding in kind,
I’m a fountain of knowledge, doing all that I can,
To annoy folk with superior mind.


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  1. Oh yes,- the “I mean well but you’re doing it all wrong ” patrol. There are plenty of those out there!! Funny take on these annoying people.

    • Thanks for the reading and the comment. I have a whole raft of poems exploring the different type of trolls on the internet. I am sure they’d troll me if they read them!

      Thanks again and best wishes.

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