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life goes ground without nothing happened, wonderful
as anybody can see, yet! lonely when it say that its
not me whom you believe that can carry the yoke that
every life must do to make it easy

days are counted when the clock runs its minute of a day,
your sweat makes it perfect making you so happy, for in
every fruit you give is the product that you receive, may
this penny clings in the bucket is full of blessing you kept

makes all that day a prayer to be, from the rising of the sun
until the horizon of the day, the dawn comes in a fragrance
fumes that smile each day for today

enjoy your presence; everything won’t take you to last,
make the best of everything, for only you can do the best
that in you have made it request, your special dear one

until, when all things comes to know, that as you making
the whole in you, all of what is due to you, be rewarded
in thy glory you receive, the gift of what you be believed

live no idle in your way, make it busy everyday, conquer
the odds, cleanse your heart and purify the life to comes
in your life, for life we take is life we give… it darling

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