Now, I’m startin’ t’build a
social network followin’ ‘n
you began t’hear the buzz.


People have been talkin’,
b’cause I say the shit that
most’re scared to discuss.


Y’heard they like the way
I keep it real, to the point
where I emotionally cuss.


Which brought YOU back
out of your lil’ hibernation,
tryin’ t’cause (me) a fuss.


It’s been sometime since
you’ve put me down – so
you came t’catch the bus.


Bus’ my fricken nuts, ’bout
the things I write, ‘n such.


Which really, ‘n truly, sucks.


But, if I must;


It’s ’bout time my quill bled!


You have no f’kin idea
how many times I’ve
forgiven you inside of
my godforsaken head.


Or how many times that
I’ve spared your fricken
feelin’s with harsh word’s
that I’d left totally UNSAID.


Nothin’ the like’s of what
you have previously read.


Nothin’ like wishin’ you dead.


It was then that you stopped
the barrage – whence I pled.


From my mind
All this chaos
I’ve since fled.


Which is partly why you’ve
been let off – quite easy.


Though, tellin’ you to fk off —
nothin’ more would appease me.


That is;
If I didn’t possess a high level of
internal morals, ‘n genetic values,
all of my patience I’d mal-use.


But, not today.


respect is the road I shall choose.


Once again..


-rome ©2018


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