The broken soldier


An army soldier has been home six months,
his mom says he looks the same but he really isn’t,
and broken,
his memory of war playing over and over again,
he can still taste the powder from the barrel of his gun,
and he can hear his sergeant screaming “run soldier run!”,
and he can still feel that backpack on his shoulders,
god it weighed a ton,
all he can see is death in every thought,
they taught him how to put that uniform on,
but he just can’t take it off,
on last Saturday they honored him and soldiers,
with a small parade down town,
but when they shot off those fireworks,
he nearly hit the ground,
while they smiled,
and cheered for them,
all he could do was stare,
part of him was there at home,
and part of him is back there,
he’s a soldier that’s traumatized,
and scared of what he’s become,
the war changed an innocent man,
into a scarred, traumatized, and broken soldier,
with anxiety building and eating him alive,
just waiting for him to break,
like a broken soldier.

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