Sick and Exhausted


I am sick and tired- no. Sick and EXHAUSTED, of being sick and EXHAUSTED, for loving you.
You have this emptiness inside, that I could not – cannot – satisfy
You are a void – a black hole if you will.
I fear what will happen, but you still pull me in.
You pull until my center of gravity shifts; I fall.
I fall and I no longer focus on me,
My gravity has shifted, so that I am no longer what I revolve around.
I fall and my dreams and hopes of being an accomplished, high-ranking citizen do as well.
I fall into the venus fly trap that ENGORGES its victims.
For that is what I am. I am a victim; I am a victim and you have ENGOREGED me into your loving demise.
And it has made me: sick and tired – no. Sick and EXHAUSTED.

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