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Pain brings out the creativity..

“Thank you, God, forgiving me an incredible partner!

15th day of my period yet he said, Nature’s rhythm, my dear

No need to waste dollar, that was very clear

He said, it will end soon, hence, no need to fear.

Thank you, God, forgiving me a nice partner!

Due to heavy flow there was stain in my dress and stain in the mattress

What’s happening? change in time, he said in stress.

I could not control, blood were scattered almost everywhere,

No scolding or frowning, he suggested to learn some manner.

My gratitude grows, God, for giving me such a nice partner, 
Despite being a housewife I could not cook for days 
Even being the husband, he cooked for me for those days. 
Calls declined, one can ask the reason behind cooking

It is very awkward for him to say that his sweetheart is menstruating.

Days passed!! Being so caring he asked me when will it stop
I was sorry, I could not tell him that I also threw the same question to God.

I was feeling tired and started panting heavily
Did you just climb a hill? He asked humorously.

“Why’s it lingering, pursuing a Guinness World record?”

No doubt, he teased, his humor perfectly interlocked.

Once more, dear God, I express my gratitude for granting me this wonderful partner!”

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