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We Don’t Care

One Saturday morning, I woke and I

wandered purposefully, smelling the cold.

My footsteps echoed, off-beat, alone now,

but I relished the sounds of morn, almost

as if it were an orchestra, growing.

Blue fog and blurry vision, merely a

blanket o’er the horizon and yet

birds dove, whirled, knowing the view I marvel

is their home. I ambled on – breath easy –

and came across jewels sprung out of the ground,

petals just holding on before Winter –

cruel but beautiful – whispered for them

to fall. Nature calls, for you, for them, but

we act like we don’t know, act like you don’t


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  1. On the surface, this poem doesn’t seem that great, and maybe it isn’t. But every word, every pause, every full stop, comma, adjective, line, and syllable, was intentionally chosen. I spent about 2 hours writing it but it felt like 10 minutes. It focuses on the conflict between nature and humanity and my own appreciation of nature, although whatever you take from it is personal to you and valuable in itself. I hope you like it!

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