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Why not me?

I see the way you look at her.

Do you ever see me?
She says it’s a small crush.
Is it really?
You flirt with him.
Everything you do, he notices.
Everything he does, you notice.
You look at him and say it’s a small crush.
I can see it in your eyes.
You lied to me.
I can’t tell you I like him.
Every time you talk about him.
mention him. Every time I like someone, they always end up liking you.
When is it my turn?
Nothing ever goes my way.
You’re the prettiest one.
Can’t I get this one thing?
Even the parents want you two together,
Can’t you ever ask me how I feel?
Of course, you can’t.
You can’t even tell that I liked him first.
I still do. It’s always you and never me.
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