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Greetings to Partings

Somewhere between the hello and goodbyes
I could see your eyes
the dark deep brown
started to drown
in a sea full of endless opportunities
your smile turned into a never ending ambiguity

Somewhere between now and then
you started saying amen
at the end of each prayer
this left me in despair
thinking nothing will be fine
so I started to confine

Somewhere between here and there
I felt more comfortable with being bare
I felt more comfortable with the motion
the motion of the rolling wave out in the ocean
that rose and fell over and over again
this left me feeling amain

Somewhere between me and you
I started to feel adieu
a hope that you learn to swim
even in the darkest dims
in a sea full of endless opportunities
even throughout the harsh communities

Somewhere between greetings and partings
I hope you stop carving
in the open forest
and maybe you won’t be the purist
but I will
just until
we say our goodbyes
and our departure
will do us apart

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