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Looking for harmony in wild strange places,

Making my selections but only getting a pair of aces.

One was forbidden the other was pure gold,

Hoping this one’s going to love me till the day we grow old.

Conversations were had and this quest was set in motion,

My excitement blew up like an atomic explosion.

Church bells ringing

Wedding rings given

Little feet running

Tear drops were dripping.

The quest for the best seemed hard-set to fail,

When loneliness struck with its weapon called betrayal.

Fights were hashed out

Battles were ensued without a doubt,

Trust began to shatter with this all-out raging war about…

Conflict of interest

Anger set in sprinkled with lots of self-loathing,

How can any one love such a traitor and a phony

Depression reached out

Paranoia caught my breathing

My mind, heart, and soul disintegrated without ceasing.

The end with a short beginning

The beginning to the end

Will this ever-broken mind and heart begin to mend?

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