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Downland’s A Fine Knack

In courtly halls where melodies entwine, A lutenist, Dowland, with skill divine. “A Fine Knack for Ladies,” his tribute sweet, To grace and beauty, where love and notes meet.

With strings that weave through time’s tapestry, He crafts a song of love’s sweet mystery. The title hints at a lady’s allure, A talent to enamor, to endure.

In lute song’s embrace, the poet’s heart, Expresses ardor, a form of art. The music delicate, a subtle dance, An ode to courtship, a lover’s chance.

The lyrics speak of rosy cheeks aglow, Yet ‘blackest hair’ was a misstep to show. For in Dowland’s verse, no such words unfold, Just love, admiration, a tale retold.

Unrequited whispers fill the air, As courtly love weaves through each stanza’s lair. The poet’s gaze, a distant, respectful flame, A tribute to beauty, an unspoken claim.

“Rosy cheeks” and more, the poet sings, Attributes that to his longing heart clings. Yet, with courtly grace, a distance held, A love admired but never fully spelled.

In lute’s embrace, Dowland’s skill unveiled, A tender sonnet, where passion sailed. The melody, a gentle, timeless stream, Reflects a love that lingers in a dream.

So, in the tapestry of days of old, “A Fine Knack for Ladies” unfolds. A lute’s caress, a poet’s tender plea, For love that lasts through eternity.

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