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Live Deliciously

Wretched Love thou do embrace, Unfounded pleasure laced with pain.
Shall not the soul rage with fire unended; And by Larger Gods then be resented.
For flame that burns in a vase of clay, creates no light nor radiates,
But selfishly Self proclaims itself to be the Sun.

An Evil life thou choose to live When take is need and want is give,
All of those who take their time and give it to a slow decline of joy and passion
and Reveling Exuburance, and pride themselves on their threshhold of endurance, thinking future in the distance of the great will be, will be there when they finally fullfill and succeed in the requirements and measures to deserve to breathe, in a way that makes them feel Joyful and Free…
Void of the light they were intended to carry, no passions, no muses no dance, fire, merry…. Not in the way it hast felt like in Eden,
Not like my people, My country, My Home.
Not where i come from and not where I’m going.
Not my Culture My opinion my race or my creed
not my philosophy, my belief or my breed.

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