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Seen Then Unseen: A Deceiver’s Tale

Through my minds eye,

I see my own downfall, my own mistake,

One I sought to never make again,

But thou wert the one to deceit me.


My trust, put in thee,

Now a fully fleshed me comes to being,

After their wrongdoings, I say no more

Only plotting, writing my play, the ink drips off the page…


I conspire with thyself,

They all say the same,

So it must be!

My facade raises again…


I walk on stage, talking with the audience

They all wear masks, though futile, I see through them

I speak, a raised voice, though with a tone that matches theirs,

Lowing their suspicions of me, “The play will begin soon!”…


Like an orchestrator,

I raise my conductor’s baton, gracefully in my hands

I orchestrate my next move…

And like a magician, I disappear!

The audience in awe, brow raised, wondering where I had gone…


I sleek away in the midst of day,

Slowly etching back, watch their anxious reactions,

“Where art thou have gone!”, my appearance, nowhere in sight

My plans, fallen through perfectly,

with glee and pride, smitten on my face

I laugh, heinously, for they cannot find me now!

my facade still raised, waiting for my next group of pretenders….

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