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The Crack in the Mirror

It lands on my forehead, the crack in the mirror

As it tells me something I knew already

And it continues to break down its long borders

Splitting me into pieces

I move away from the mirror

For I know my luck will turn to the worst

Seven years will be too long for any good news

I want to get rid of that

However, some sentimental reason compels me to hold on

Maybe, I am being foolish

And nothing will happen

But I am not willing to find out

The day has begun to ssep into night

And I hear shattering glass tumbling down to the floor

The silence is lurking something wicked

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  1. It is rather uncomfortable to brake a mirror. I just checked and read that: 1. You can make it into powder, 2. Toss the pieces into a south running stream. 3. Bury the broken glass.
    I didn’t know all of this, in the past I’ve just thrown the pieces in the trash. Good luck to you!

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