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A Melody of Madness

A sickening melody plays in my head,

I do nothing but laugh heinously,

I stand in my mind alone,

The black sludge pooling at my feet,

An attempt to walk is made,

But to no avail.


I stand, letting it consume me,

As the sky blackens, a deep red maroon emerging,

I no longer continue a recourse,

A smile, etching across my face,

A fate bound to happen, it reaches my neck,

I do nothing but stand there, it soon controls my actions.


As only spectators they watch,

In disbelief and horror,

Mouths agape,

Still I smile,

Not once hesitating in my soon actions,

Fully realized, they cry out, “No more!”.


I don’t hear it,

I don’t want to, nor a need

I just laugh, it filling the ever deafening silence

Heinously, with wickedness, and otherwise malice,

I laugh.

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