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With His Love

Don’t make any human being your everything
your all in all, that place belongs to God.
If you put a mortal in the center of your core
you’re asking for trouble
for a human will always fail you
and you’ll be mad or heartbroken.

There’s a void in all of us that only God can fill
place him there, in the center of your heart
otherwise you’ll be out of balance.
Once God occupies the throne of your being
love yourself, for in order to extend love
love must be in the heart to pour out to others.

When you love yourself and God
you won’t allow others to keep abusing you
you’ll have honor and dignity
and treat others and yourself with respect
you will be to able to to forgive and walk away
and heal any wounds and pain.
You will learn from difficult experiences
instead of holding on to hate and grudges
which will end up showing up as illnesses.

We’re all here either bumping our head on walls
or learning from painful experiences
it’s up to each one of us.
I choose to forgive, learn and grow from pain
I use hate or negativity sent my way
as manure to grow into a beautiful and strong rose.
I let go of pessimism and continue to have love in my heart.


Note: Negative energy not properly dealt with
will cause blockages in our physical, astral and spiritual bodies,
which will manifest as mental, spiritual and health issues.


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