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In the dark and all alone,
The loud voices find their tone.
I try to push them all away,
But this only makes them stay.

I argue, debate and rebuttal,
And I think: “I’ll show ’em who’s boss!”
As the hours pass me by,
I feel the bruises in my mind.

Wasted time and wasted energy,
My confidence thrown to the side of me.
“How’d I get here, seems I’ll never learn,”
Then deep down I feel a nudge to turn.

I don’t have to prove a thing,
No need to argue. I stop debating.
Just let them be.
So smile big! And breathe deep.

Hope’s not lost. No, not even close.
Stand tall and thank God for your toes!
For in each moment there is a choice,
To live, to love, to share your voice.

Life is about what you choose to do,
And who you choose to be.
Through all the ups and downs,
Simply choose belief.

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