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Cursed In The Garden


She, dark, sleek, beautiful, vigilant, cautious, cold,
sensual, silently slithering through the brush
as if in deep trance
listening with each fiver, trusting nothing, no one-
but her senses.  Alone, always alone!

A heavy load set upon exquisite head
planted by fear, hate and ignorance
an inescapable inherited curse
to rid them of fault, she was
forever damned and vilified.

The dice were tossed, her lot was cast
it could have been another kind,
the monkey, the tiger or the bat.
Perhaps because she never complained,
nor talked back? she made no sound.
But after years of silent pain and abuse,
she learned to Hiss at last.

They could not accuse her of not ever
having been in their skin, for she had.
In this circle and cycle we call life,
she had been all of them before
starting from the lowest of their kind,
a fish, a bird, a ram so forth and so on…
till now a most despised and wise snake
but at last she knew, this life was her last
-time around in this lowly plane called earth.

In her resides the wisdom of ages
acquired through years of lives of pain.
Aware that she must recycle all in this lifetime
in her skin the knowing festers
perhaps the why she must shed her skin.

She knows much, each cell programed with
knowledge most don’t even dream of
experiences she can not reveal
and so she crawls alone, unloved, despised
forever cursed by ignorance and folklore
the symbolic icon of a sign she never chose.
The representation of evil and sin to appease the minds
of those who chose not admit their disobedience
and blame it all on her.

Cursed from Eden forevermore, denied of love
no compassion left for her
feared, hated, despised and misunderstood
banned from the pleasure of a loving kiss
for in her kiss resides the venom of death.

So take upon your head the hate, the scorn
and live your karma in this garden of souls
until your last day upon this earth,
where after this death, there will be
no more pain, where after your last breath
from your current cold skin, at last you’ll be set free.

©2013     Reposted Feb. 26, 2024

(This is a write in defense of the vilified creature, the snake,
it’s not meant to defend the fallen-angel this creature represents.)

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