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Dawah is Life

Why does all of this look so unfamiliar?

Like I stepped onto a land unknown

It feels out of my comfort zone

Seems difficult to reconcile between soul and bone

Off my balance I have been thrown

To invisible diseases I am becoming prone

The cracks that were too well sown

Are now starting to be shown

The presence around me has eventually grown

And I hear everyone’s deep, silent moan

I feel uneasy because the fact is known

The fuel is nothing but man and stone

I only wish to pull everyone under the mercy of the Throne

In this all, we brothers are alone


I have to take a deep breath and start with a smile

I have a distance in front of me

Nothing short of a thousand and a mile

I hope this to be part of a file

Among the 99 big ones in the pile

When I walk down deaths isle

It’s not long; it’s only a small while

I don’t mean to be hostile

A few minutes of your time is worthwhile

We don’t have to run after every air mile

The most beautiful bond I wish to compile

To save our souls from the ultimate trial


How can I reason and win your trust

When I need WD-40 for my own rust

Can’t feed meat when all I got is crust

And the books have been collecting dust

And the light you need to carry must

Between the righteous as it was discussed

A life style we need to adjust

And get rid of all that is lust


We definitely are a great team

Let’s stand together in one stream

Above and beyond we will dream

And stick to the only one true theme

No matter how difficult it may seem

Wallahi we can turn oceans into steam

It’s His power and His light,

And off it, we simply gleam


Our message brings nothing but peace

Don’t be afraid of the police

We won’t sugar-coat or put on some grease

It is what it is and we merely wish to speak

This ain’t no place for the weak

My reward from ALLAH is only what I seek

I just don’t want paradise,

But in it I am headed for its peak


This message the mountains refused to bear

How can I not be honoured to take it everywhere?

My strength is standing in the night prayer

With the world this Tawheed I will share

Until the scare turns into a stare and becomes rare

This is a call for everyone to beware

And for their aakhira take great care

For our graves let us prepare

La illaha illallah I openly declare!

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