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Humbled by God


Some people consider themselves better than others

 they see themselves as superior, intelligent and crafty

they crave power, control, praise and admiration.

But to The Lord none of these things matter

for He only looks at heart and intention.

God is able sit a beggar on a throne

and dethrone a king do to their sins.


King Nebuchadnezzar was humbled by The Lord

do to his insolence and pride, he bragged about his achievements.

He had the hanging gardens of Babylon built.

He boasted,

“Look at this, Babylon the great!

And I built it all by myself,

a royal palace adequate to display my honor and glory!”

 The words were no sooner out of his mouth

than a voice out of heaven spoke,

“This is the verdict on you, King Nebuchadnezzar:

Your kingdom is taken from you.””


The king lost his sanity and lived like an animal for seven years

walking on all fours in the wilderness, eating grass like an oxen

according to Daniel 4:31-32.



Note: Nebuchadnezzar represents in us the human will backing itself up by the human intellect; this brings about human judgment.

The biblical Book of Jeremiah paints Nebuchadnezzar as a cruel enemy, but also as God’s appointed ruler of the world and a divine instrument to punish disobedience.

When God needs to teach a lesson, God will teach a lesson.  God removed Nebuchadnezzar’s mental sanity to humble him, but when Nebuchadnezzar was fully humbled, God restored his sanity, Nebuchadnezzar quickly repented and verbally acknowledge God’s lordship.







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