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my words


I used to keep.

My thoughts to myself.

Never wanting to hurt anyone,

So, I was quiet as a mouse.


Always listened to what others said,

Even if it brought me down.

And it brought me down,

So far you see,

I didn’t recognize me.


I started going to counseling.

And learned lots of new tools.

I learned my voice, my thoughts,

And even my ideas.

Were as important,

As what anyone else

Had to say.


I started finding my voice,

And found it wasn’t so.

Scary after all.


I figured out I could.

Say the thing I never.

Had before.

My words they have value.

And meaning just like yours.


So, give me a chance

And listen to my words,

You may just see that you.

Can learn a thing or two

Just by listening to me

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