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Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

first i would like to apologize,
for always acting like i don’t care when we fight.
i do, i just can’t find the words to tell you all the thing racing through my mind.
so i’m sorry for not telling you you’re right when you are.
i’m sorry for keeping quiet when all you want is a response.
a sign of life, a reaction to the things you yell out of despair.
i know, i answer all your questions in my mind.
but the words never pass my lips.
and i am sorry for making you cry and upsetting you,
i am truly sorry.

second, i want to thank you.
for being there for me,
for not always yelling at me when i don’t respond.
for asking me what’s wrong when i’m silent.
for doing what you can to make me happy.
and for so much more.

and third, i want to tell you i love you.
so because my mouth wont say it, i’ll write it on paper.
i love you, because you support me to be who i am.
i love you, because you try to understand me.
i love you, because you will always love me back.

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