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reading hands / ⠝⠕ ⠓⠁⠝⠙⠎

what talk of “heroism”
is there worth a mentioning,
in a domesticated world?
i.e. less an Achilles heel,
and more…
an Achilles knee.
to have to bow,
before a representation
of a “saviour* who died without
a ripe thesis of old age
akin to joseph?
if you’ve ever seen a
stray dog, you’ll know that
being filled with admiration
watching polar bears
seems pointless:
we’ve bred these wild creature
from our efforts to also
muster argtument
from keeping the leviathans caged…
oh, there are no repercussion…
feel free, explore…
wodurch die kalt: beruhigt,
(oh) how the cold: sooths;
what, you met a prostitute
with a thesaurus to match up to your
schoolboy audacity to
distrust making an error?
see… arabs…
they’ve been given a gift…
and they squandered it…
the Jordanians are pissed off,
the Libyans are pissed off…
if i’m to gesticulate
affirmative lunacy before this art-work…
hands grow numb, past the flesh
and into a puppet master with bone
on the tips of each member, primarily
left index,
index, minddle finger,
space bar, correction…
thumbs are worth shit…
i do not have the patience to read into
tracts of keyboard usage…
delete: right hand, ring finger…
enter button esp. right hand
ring finger and pinky…
the space bar?
never mind that, ctrl button
mainly pinky on the shift button
and middle on the ? “uppercase”
just a ref. to my local general
practitioner using a keyboard
like a crow, pecking…
index, index, index, index…
two hands, two fingers,
and a fucking sentence of authority
at the end of it!
how do i paint the fiddling
of my hands, to repict what
finger goes where?
right hand: middle finger,
space bar, primarily index
interchangeable between left and right…
and if anyone thought
that samuel beckett couldn’t (ring
finger on the comma button),
pinky finger on the shit
with the middle finger on the upper case 0)
write anything more
infuriating than watt…
here’s this.
⠝⠕ ⠓⠁⠝⠙⠎,
⠝⠕ ⠃⠗⠁(⠊)⠇⠇⠑;

fucking rhyme, eh?

can you ride a bicycle
without holding onto the
can you ride a bicycle
without holding onto the

suck sensitive skin… tender…
egg-shell sensitivity
could only conjure this language…
and subsequently give it
a phemenology of universal
my… the men with sight
only learned to throw dice!

peer into the face of a blind man,
and call out the chattering
mask of death, to ever, mind, god.

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    • Hey, I’ll try and find more of the poems where I used Braille seeing how you liked this one.

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