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Small Town Bad Date

The dinner last night was forgetable

For it took me a while to remember

It was a Big Mac, large fries, and a diet Coke when I finally recall

We ate quietly in the car

As we waited for the movie to start

When it did, it wasn’t very good

A typical Hollywood movie with a lot explosions

And the bad acting from  the has-been actors trying to be relevant

I nearly fell asleep

You asked if I wnated to do something else afterward

I said I must go to work in morning and must get some sleep

As you drove me home, you tried to have a conversation

But I kept falling asleep for I wanted this date to end

When we arrived at my house, you wanted a kiss

However, I held out my hand and lied that I had a good time

You asked if you could see once more

I answered, not on yr life

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  1. Sounds like you didn’t like the man, had you liked him
    none of the other things would have mattered.
    Thank for sharing.

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