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Letter to Ayisha

Hmmm!! All my labor in life
Getting into the shadows of my life
I act though from the outside
As I saw Momma die on the mountain Westside
Growing up as timid and terrified
Selling Pills and cigarette for people to be high
Believe me Ayisha it’s bcos I wasn’t devoted to Allah
Forgot my paths that I couldn’t celebrate Eid or Salah Ayisha when I’m gone take care of little Shaida
Our daughter and take care of Aunty as your Mother

I traveled from Baghdad down to Mashdad
Toiling and searching for greener pastures for Dad
Before he went to join Mom when he died
The police gunning for my life
I know I’ve got little time left
But Ayisha kindly make soup and add thyme
I’ll consider it solely as my final rite
Bcos any time from now I’ll be floating in blood like kite
Oh I’m saddened we won’t behold one another’s eyes
The firing squad are here I’ve got to go
Finally going to meet Momma
Send my warm greetings to Aunty and little Shaida
Good bye forever yours sincerely Adullatifah

Art by Julius-Caesar Izakpa

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