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Here in the Street of Storms we plan the Next Transit

Freak show scene: tap insert or swipe, finding voids beyond voids.

Brilliant but tortured near-life experiences better than fission chips;

Yet it’s just carrion screaming or structural steel work,

Always exciting;

Very emotional scenes, new challenges, find out why.


Back in the here and now

Behind every curtain where love lurks in a pale blue suit

(Part of the mobile beauty displaced and deranged).

Essential Grab Services come calling, shall we?

Diversion ends: favourite shows – play-acting on a new level.

Crystal lines encircle the world.

Madcap horizons, even beauty and nothingness…


Zap your brain, it’s easy.

Absolutely, yes, absolutely.

Search for solutions, activate the Playmobile or take a trip

With our vultures of culture; of course it’s a nervous time.

Crises, shockwaves, dramas, custom plug-ins, highlight the pressure, or

Watch stranger things fit out or fit in… Parfait! Voila!

Fun size crocodile tears – but it was a tricky old day,

A blank canvas with bags of potential, all the talking points

And everything in between.

Insulation against expansion, topped with nips.

Wow! That’s incredible!

Suggestions? Shut up!

We couldn’t rule out the odd rumble, we’ll be asking why.


Foggy foreign objects in the night sky, clever camouflage.

Contains distressing images of inverted correctness,

So indulge in me-time. Experienced stylists, mind navigators

Join us on demand – do you look the part?

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