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We’ll be asking why this unknown zone? Will it flip?

Station of doom sun-storms catalytic traces bring it on,

High cheek bones flaring nostrils hovering flowers,

Avant high-vis groove fashion, cheesy music;

A swishy style statement for underground spaces;

A world-class nightmare; a midnight vision, remote

And desolate. Here you can be a princess for 24 hours.

Quality service rumble décor white wall transit rogue showers,

Read the cards, read the runes, it’s a flagrant magnolia moment.

Love-tackle kick-up circus aesthetic riff-raff never cheap just

Luxury high end looks – that’s the plan; but too many kick-backs.

Exit now. Do join us next time for a very alarming incident

Or a big bold move and you didn’t cry, well done.


The action starts here – reverse Deja vu visage, flaming meadows,

Red bricks it’s definitely going to be a moment, or a game

Of who blinks first, how does that make you feel?


Thermal shock cathartic effect obscure vision,

Travel zodiac hall of fame but don’t fly too close.

Local flashy fashionista types too shy but still smiling.

Take one! Take two! Take off! Yeah, take off!

She won’t know – but we can bring you the latest stark reality;

Hard to handle down the plughole seems like only yesterday.

No bother no problem, agreed. You name it, demand more.

Funny hello and welcome no reward just tatty fag ends

See what I mean?


Dark feelings impossible to tell from body language,

Yeah good alright, yeah, yeah, automatic kiss, and so on.

Here’s a slippery globe-trotter in search of a new life

Or even now and then a cool closet penthouse encounter

With some dishy fella from one of our partner agencies.

It’s the best ever rampant get there and dance lark, and

Even more ways to wrap it up excruciating scene.

Then you wonder how this bizarre body-toning act plays

Skyline infinity vision. Something nice to tell us; virtuoso.

Go for it bring it on slip of the tongue sex it up hot wraps

High voltage next day service best of harmony.

Get it while it’s hot.


Mirror photo flash.

Up next – everyday gadgets from outer space,

No regrets, no more futile musings, no more points of disorder

Or acid frost. Superior specification stonking star babe sweet altitude.

Well move along there move along, huge uncertainty, high-heeled boots,

Overnight fresh exotic. We’re part of an international off balance

Ring-road nu-yu routine. Warning micro-cover up your lover’s sanctuary

Big screen machine here or there against the clock faster better,

I am the agent; no half measures quite a quirky backstory.

Silky soft, velvet smooth, strictly no hoopla!

Turn up the lights!  Ker-ching!


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