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Attached in the marrow is the essence of love

binding its coming to the human reply.

Drawn from the womb of an awaking touch

that rose through the darkness into the birth of life.

Where creation awaited on a suckling branch

to dawn in the means of the incoming tale.

Gleaming the vision within the umbilical cord

diffused in the pregnancy of unknown dreams.

Each holding the hope of a silent refrain

that marches through time till where we are.

A hand of grace, or a fish to the land

both speaking to the human and the living of us.

Tended by shadows, tended by light

both mercies of kind to enlighten the heart.

Nurturing the pathways mixed by degrees

that never is lost the end from the beginning.

Easing the meaning through our journey as one

from the gift of a murmur to the emotion of love.







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