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My heart, a captive bird.
Beats only for you.
A rhythm echoing pain, a love
tinged with blue.
I wish I could sell it, a
silent, cold stones.
And end this relentless ache,
this feeling unknown.

My eyes, they see your smile,
a sun in the night.
A radiance that blinds me, a
blinding, sweet light.
I wish I could sell them, lose
sight of your grace.
And escape this enchantment.

My ears yearn for your voice,
a melody rare.
A whisper in darkness, a
symphony to share.
I wish I could sell them, no
longer to hear.
The sweetness that lingers,
the words I hold dear.

Yet, in the despair, a
glimmer appears.
A yearning to show you, to
banish all fears.
My vision, so vivid, of you in
my soul.
A love that transcend, a
story untold.

I wish I could share it, this
truth I possess.
The joy of your presence, the
sorrow of emptiness.
To see in your eyes, the
reflection of mine.
The depth of this love , the
beauty, divine.

So often, we hide, our hearts
in the dark.
But maybe, just maybe, a
shared love will spark.
A love understood, a bond
truly real.
Where pain turns to peace, and
hearts start to heal.

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